Feb 6, 2014

Boot Camp


I am super excited I signed up for the "Make Art That Sells Assignment Bootcamp" by Lilla Rogers and Beth Kempton. It started on Monday and we have already received our first "Mini Assignment" - drawing cuckoo clocks. I love the subject since there is so much to see on cuckoo clocks, so many little details, shapes, patterns and of course the cuckoo. You could doodle and draw on this topic forever and I intend to. So far I have not had lots of time this week but hopefully I can spend a few more hours on it before we will receive our main assignment next Monday.

I found this one on Ebay but I am a little irritated by the title "Black Forrest Clock Swiss House"...it is a Black Forrest scene ( the Black Forrest is located in Germany ) since the cute little girl is in a traditional costume from the Black Forrest area...oh well, just a detail. This clock was manufactured by Trenkle Uhren GmbH.


And here my first little sketches...really not much yet and I am hoping to get it more into my style...we will see, it is a fun journey.

Clock Faces

I did draw a full cuckoo clock just to get an idea about all details I need to work on separately.

Cuckoo Clock
Ok, back to drawing...fun times ! 

Happy Thursday everyone !

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  1. Loving your drawings Maike and can't wait to see what you come up with. Great theme too! I'm looking forward to seeing all the work you produce during the bootacamp :-)