Nov 6, 2014

Etsy Shops

This week I have been working on opening my Etsy store...I have to admit I was procrastinating for a long time. 
I read a lot about opening an Etsy store and I remember reading, you should not try to be perfect in the beginning, just open your store and go from there. 
For a perfectionist like me this is easier said than done but in the end I did it. 
Starting with some digital products so far I have 6 products ready to sell. My dream is selling actual products, handmade by day !
Since Christmas is around the corner I designed some circle shape gift tags which also work as cupcake toppers.
12 round gift tags available as digital files on Etsy

You will also find a variety of Washi tapes for your craft projects.

Digital Washi tape available on Etsy.

Reading so much about Etsy and looking at a lot of shops, I want to share my favourite shops with is just the beginning...there is so much amazing art available on Etsy, I could literally spend days looking at all different kind of Etsy shops.

Have fun shopping on Etsy and Happy Thursday !

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