Feb 19, 2015

MATS Boot Camp February Assignment

Today I want to share Lilla Roger's MATS ( Make Art That Sells ) boot camp assignment for February with you. 

In preparation for the main assignment we received the "mini" first. It said plate scenics...we should check out vintage plates with scenes on it. I loved it...having Pinterest boards for a while named "dishes/ceramics/glass"  and "Scandinavian Art" I knew I had a lot gathered already to look at. 

Last week the main assignment followed and it is wall art...with a twist. 
The twist ? 
As a "canvas" we should use a slice of wood and paint on it. 
I knew this would be a challenge for me but I did not expect it to be this hard to find a slice of wood over here...I checked one well stocked craft store in Zuerich and I went across the border to check out a large craft store in Germany but did not find anything besides overpriced plywood which looked very boring to me. So I decided I have to go digitally and mock up my design onto a picture of a slice of wood. It worked...not the same experience but better than nothing. 
The assignment was out of my comfort zone since we are talking about an illustration...and I have barely touched this topic since I had to do fashion illustration in school many, many years ago. 
An illustration with a scene contains for me character...more than one and they should tell a story. Here was the next challenge for me...creating a character true to my style. 

I did it and I am happy with the result, even though I did not make it a scene from my point of view but I was staying true to my style and I would hang my design onto my own wall.

copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2015
February  assignment MATS boot camp "Lady with a bird" by Pattern Jots

Happy Thursday !

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