May 10, 2015

World Lupus Day 2015 ( and Mother's Day )

Today is World Lupus Day and my fellow designer and friend Dawn Clarkson is having a butterfly showcase over at her blog Nice and Fancy in its third year to raise awareness of Lupus disease.

"Lupus is a chronic disease which can affect anyone at any age, it is hard to diagnose and the exact causes of the condition are still unknown. Lupus, considered to be a rare disease is becoming more and more common. The butterfly is universally accepted as the symbol which represents the disease."
I m very happy I was able to contribute with a butterfly design and a small donation to help to create interest towards Lupus. 
Due to the great response of Dawn's call for butterfly designs she is having four posts in total today over at her blog. 
What a great success already ! 
There is even a Pinterest board where you can see all designs together.
Please take your time and check out all gorgeous butterfly designs at Nice and Fancy.

copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2015
Butterfly design for World Lupus Day 2015 / copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2015

We also do not want to forget it is Mother's Day today...I am wishing all amazing moms out there a very Happy Mother's Day - may it be filled with joy !

copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2015
Happy Mother's Day Card / copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2015

Happy Sunday !!!


  1. Maike, it is so kind of you to mention my initiative and write about it on your blog. Thank you so much for your participation it is MOST appreciated. Happy Sunday. Dawn x

  2. My pleasure Dawn - thanks for organizing and showing my butterfly design on your blog. Happy Sunday to you, too ! x

  3. Love your design! Such a great and supportive collection