Mar 26, 2015

Sneak Peek

Life is busy and I am always grateful if I can sneak in some time to draw. I wanted to draw something in black.
I always love black and white art - I find it extremely powerful and it is simple at the same time.
Thinking about what I can draw ( and looks good in black and white only ) vases came into my mind and I started drawing some...just as shapes.
Here is a sneak week I will show you my new product(s) I made from it for my Etsy is still in progress.

copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2015
Sketches : Shapes of vases

Happy Thursday !

Mar 5, 2015

Happy Dance !

I have to admit I did my little happy dance a while ago, when I found out my submissions for the new Print&Pattern Geometric book were accepted and my work will actually be shown in the newest book of the fabulous Print&Pattern series by Bowie Style 
( Thank you Marie for including me ! )
The first Print&Pattern book ( the blue one ) was my first book about surface pattern design ever and I still love this one as well as the following books "Print&Pattern 2" and "Print&Pattern Kids". 
Of course it was my dream to be included into one of these books one day but I was not sure to ever achieve my dream. I remember I submitted for the kids call and I did not make it. So I tried again for the Geometric book ( which really suits my style best ) and my work was accepted. 
Hurray ! 
Amazing designers are showing their beautiful designs in this book and many of them are fellow students from the "Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design" course by Rachael Taylor and Beth Kempton.
I think this post is appropriate for the World Book Day 2015 today ! 
Who does not love a good book ? 
No matter if it is a book with lots of pictures or a good novel. 
I love books and I truly believe you can not own enough of it ( especially art books... ;) )

New book Print&Pattern Geometric by Bowie Style ( picture source )

I am on page 194 ! ( picture source )

Happy World Book Day and Happy Thursday !