Jul 14, 2014

Happy Summer Time

It is Monday already and I feel terrible that for the first time I did not have a blog post ready on time ( last Thursday ). But with kid's summer holidays started and lovely house guests visiting it just did not happen. 

Today I want to wish all my lovely readers a very Happy Summer Time with lots of sunshine, time to relax and having fun.

copyright © Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014
"Happy Summer Time " copyright © Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014

But I also want to share some beautiful, patterned gifts I received from our lovely visitors who stayed with us over the weekend.

copyright © Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014
New origami paper - we had a fun night making origami together.

I received my first Kokeshi doll...remember my post about Kokeshi dolls back in May ? When I started drawing Kokeshis I decided I want to start a collection...just did not know when this would happen since there is nothing like Kokeshi dolls in Switzerland.

And besides my Kokeshi doll I am absolutely in love with, I received these little patterned chopstick rests.

copyright © Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014
Kokeshi doll and chopstick rests.

Since our friends came via Amsterdam I asked them to grab me the latest Flow magazine not knowing it is a special edition this month and there is this beautiful paper book coming with the magazine - I am so lucky !

Flow magazine with bonus paper book.

Due to kid's summer holidays I have to skip two weeks of blogging and will be back July 31st.

Happy Monday !

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