Jul 31, 2014

What I am up to during the summer...

After two lovely weeks in Germany seeing family and enjoying some summer fun I am back in Switzerland where we had tons of rain...they actually say it has been the wettest July since weather recording...I believe that. My poor tomatoes are still mainly green.

The bootcamp by Lilla Rogers and Beth Kempton has ended this month and it is kind of sad...no more monthly assignments - it was so much fun.
 I did not finish the last assignment on time due to summer break but I started working on it. 
The topic was beverages...and since I always wanted to paint some cups I thought I can combine this now. So I pulled out my very old water colours I have not used in many, many years due to all the excitement with modern technology and have been painting very slowly. I very much enjoyed the process and happily painted my way. The next challenge was bringing the paintings into the computer...but with a little help here and there I figured it out.

Here you can see my small collection "Tea Time"...I am still working on an illustration.

copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014
"Tea Time" collection copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014

With all the rain I had a lot of tea during the last few days but today the sun came through and I was able to switch to lemon juice.

Happy Thursday !

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