Aug 7, 2014

Thank You !

Today I am just feeling very grateful and I want to say "Thank You"...I am saying thank you to all my lovely readers of this blog ( over 5000 hits since January ! ), to all my talented designer friends who are always there for support, to my amazing friends who are always there for me, no matter where on the planet they are, and last but not least to my lovely family who show me their love all the time.

copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014
Thank You !

We are still on summer holidays...11 days left and I wished the weather would be a bit more consistent. After having no winter ( with no snow ) over here in Switzerland, I am surprised that even summer is not happening properly. I pictured us in the water all summer long...instead you must plan your outdoor activities according to the weather app.

Oh well...Happy Thursday everyone !

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