Apr 10, 2014

London - Part 2 - Sarah Campbell

Today I am really excited to write about famous artist and textile designer Sarah Campbell
I was very lucky to meet her in person, by pure coincidence, while visiting her exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London last week.

© Sarah Campbell Ltd.
Greeting card design by Sarah Campbell for Roger la Borde

Her exhibition "From Start to Finish" is showing Sarah's recent design journeys. Most interesting for me was seeing her process of designing for textiles or dishes from "...first thoughts - through sketches, roughs and artwork to the finished product". I was allowed to take pictures which show her process perfectly.

In 1979, together with her sister Susan Collier, Sarah co-founded the textile design partnership Collier Campbell . 
They worked as a team designing/collaborating with top designers, prestigious retailers and manufacturers.  They have been the first women to win the Duke of Edinburgh's Designer Prize in 1984. 
How great is that ? 
Sadly in early 2011 Susan passed away unexpectedly. Shortly after, 50 years of their amazing art was celebrated in an exhibition at the National Theatre in London in May 2011. In the same year the beautiful book "The Collier Campbell Archive, 50 years of passion in pattern" was published. 
It is a very big book and oh so inspirational...highly recommend it !

Book "The Collier Campbell Archive : 50 Years of Passion in Pattern ( Collier Campbell Collection )"

And do not miss this beautiful video...I just love it.

Sarah is a very lovely person easy to talk to and she was telling me about designing "old fashion" without the help of a computer.
Coincidental, for a few weeks now, I am having a very interesting discussion going on with a few of my talented designer friends about designing away from the computer. Studying fashion in the early 90s I truly remember how we did everything from scratch by hand...graphic software was still in its infancy. Really something to think about as an artist being creative in 2014 as we get so easily side tracked by technology.

Here you can see some of Sarah's design processes.

©Sarah Campbell Ltd.
"Neat Ceramics" for West Elm

©Sarah Campbell Ltd.
"Hand Painted Silks" Sarah painted directly onto the silk fabric

©Sarah Campbell Ltd.
"Little Indigos" for West Elm

As a cat lover I am in total love with these paintings and I was able to buy the last card ( with the cat ) available at the museum's store. It is now standing on my desk.

©Sarah Campbell Ltd.
Parts of "Boho Patch"

Sarah, it was an honour to meet you and truly a day I won't forget. All the best to you and I will happily follow your blog and read all about your upcoming art.

Happy Thursday !

PS.: Please note all art by Sarah Campbell is ©Sarah Campbell Ltd.


  1. I went this week too and loved her exhibition. I also have the book and spend hours drooling over it! I'm so jealous you got to meet her, you lucky lady :-)

  2. Really fab you met Sarah Campbell Maike, you are a lucky one!!! Exhibition looks fabulous too, great post!

  3. Ooh those boards of paintings for West Elm and the handpainted silks are JUICY!! That was the first word that came to mind! Lucky lady meeting Sarah Campbell! :-)
    Lesley | Finch Five