Apr 3, 2014

London - Part 1 - Food Packaging

 I have been to a super quick trip to London and it was just fabulous. 
I met with a dear friend I have not seen for almost one year and we visited the Fashion and Textile Museum together and hit the shops for pattern and design inspirations. 
Needless to say the Britons really have an eye for patterns and illustrations and they are not shy to use it in daily life which I find so neat. 
The following weeks I will post about London...it is just too much for one blog post. 
Today I am starting showing you some store snaps from the grocery store.
I only have been to Tesco and John Lewis quickly ( usually I was on the hunt for a bottle of water ) but found beautiful packaging.

Here is cereal from "Dorset Cereals"
Check out their website for more eye candy...so beautiful.

Dorset Cereals
And these rice crackers are from Kallo...I just learned it is a Dutch company focused on organic foods. They also have a beautiful website.

Beautiful Kallo package vs. regular rice cracker package...
Kallo rice cracker packaging

And my favourite grocery store was Tesco...do not ask me why I did not take more pictures in there.

On the train from the airport into London I already spotted this bag and thought this is finally a pretty plastic bag. Mind you I do not use plastic bags at all but I had to have one of those.

Tesco plastic bag front

Tesco plastic bag back
Happy Thursday everyone ! 
Please come back next week to see who I met in person in London (no, not the queen, but very close) ...still can not believe my luck !

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