Jun 19, 2014

MATS June Boot Camp Final Design

June is almost over and I have finished the MATS Boot Camp assignment "Ship in a Bottle" wall art... 
I have been quite excited about this topic at the beginning but I must admit my excitement faded over the weeks. Somehow I was not able to fully warm up with this theme...I found the bottle restricted me in space ( in my head everything should "happen" inside the bottle ) and this made it difficult for me. I like to explore space and I mainly work large. And nautical in general is not my world - even though I love the sea and I know nautical is a repeating trend in fashion and interior. Of course I could have gone just nautical all over my art board  and forget about the bottle but I was determined to stick to the assignment as much as possible for the challenge. 
So I am ok with my result but not thrilled...anyway it was an other experience and challenge I overall did enjoy. 
Please check out the June gallery with all the amazing nautical wall art over here.

copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014
June assignment "Ship in a Bottle": Wall art "Deep Sea" copyright©Pattern Jots by Maike Thoma 2014

Happy Thursday !

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