Jun 12, 2014

What Inspired Me This Week...

Phew...it is so hot over here, I am having a hard time thinking straight. Over 30 C for the past 6 days...on the plus side, the water in the lake is perfectly warm now and I really enjoy my time swimming in the outdoors. 

Lake Zuerich

This week I was inspired by Matisse. The Tate Modern in London is currently showing cut out art by Matisse. I immediately fell in love...the colours, the shapes, the compositions...wished I could beam me over to see it. The exhibition is still on until September 7th 2014. 

This exhibition shows the final chapter of Matisse's career. When Matisse was not healthy enough to paint anymore, he began to cut into painted paper with scissors...he had invented a new medium.

My favourite pieces...

Matisse 1952
Blue Nude II by Henri Matisse, 1952 ( source )

Matisse 1947
Polinesia, the sky by Henri Matisse, 1947 ( source )

Henri Matisse 1952
La Perruche et la Sirene by Henri Matisse, 1952 ( source )

Vegetables by Henri Matisse, 1952

And this video is fabulous...Happy Thursday !

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